See Model Yoshiko in my jewelry!

(Photo: I love this shot of model Yoshiko Tamaki in Anna Ruth Henriques jewelry! As organic and edgy as the hand-carved, blackened silver art jewelry is, the photo shows that it works well with a sleek, smart, contemporary look. Also, Yoshiko is a petite size model. My jewelry is BIG. Yet she still pulls […]

Inspiration – Displays, Deities and Dead Flies

In my last blog, I posted photos of my jewelry case at the Global Design show. I’d filled it with painted birch logs and beach sand. A bunch of people asked me about the display as its not the typical way of showing jewelry. I thought I’d share my inspiration and how I got there. […]

SUNDAY LIST: Perceptions and Preconceptions

Two colorful and completely encompassing weeks whizzed by. I participated in the GlobalDesign Jewelry Trade Show in Philly, lugging birch logs and 50 pounds of sand to create a display for my jewelry (see photo below.) Trade shows seem to be a necessary evil in the jewelry world. Think days of standing behind the counter, […]