Born and raised in Jamaica, Anna Ruth Henriques is a poet, painter and jewelry designer. She creates fine jewelry that empowers the wearer and tells a unique story. First inspired by the symbolism of the spider, which represents creativity, independence, self-sufficiency, and resilience, she designs for those who dance to the beat of their own drum, and who choose to live harmoniously and connectedly with the world.

Anna hand-carves and hand-finishes her work to imbue unique aura energy into each piece. She cuts her natural gemstones in New York supporting local artisans. She overlays traditional methods with a contemporary aesthetic, personally hand-painting behind gemstones, to create standout pieces that are simultaneously highly wearable.

Anna has resided in France, Spain, England and Japan, each culture contributing to the universality and richness of her work. She completed a Bachelor’s degree in the U.S. at Williams College and a Masters of Fine Arts at the University of California, San Diego. She recently won a jewelry design competition that sent her to India to create a collection for an Afghan charity, Future Brilliance. Her paintings are in the permanent collections of New York’s Jewish Museum, El Museo del Barrio, as well as the National Gallery of Jamaica. She is the author of The Book of Mechtilde (Knopf). She lives between NYC and Jamaica.