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(Posting this a few days late…)

The New York Now Show (formerly known as the Gift Show) is a day away. I’m racing to finish my own collection for my eponymous booth as well as fielding emails about the collection I designed for Aayenda/Future Brilliance that will also be exhibited and sold in another section of the show, almost 20 blocks away.

Meanwhile, my studio was demolished last week. Seriously. The building is not ‘up to code’ meaning certain safety measures are not in place. The building is an old, old factory in the Fashion District (formerly known as the Garment District) that over the last few decades has been inhabited by artists, photographers, theater directors, musicians, as well as a French cushion designer and an unhinged Argentinian. Its colorful, creative and occasionally entertaining. Now though its just a mess, dust everywhere. Every floor is being re-wired and re-piped. Broken windows are being replaced and the sprinkler system upgraded. Walls that block or enclose the old sprinklers are being pulled down. I am working under loosely-draped plastic sheeting while workmen smash, scrape, spackle and paint.


When I arrived back from India, I had a moment when I thought NY was clean. Now India seems pristine. However, there is no doubt that the quiet acceptance – the ability to remain calm in the midst of chaos – of India got under my skin – that would otherwise be rankled by the surrounding noise, confusion and pollution. Thank you India!

Then, like flashes of light in the haze, images of the jewelry appear on my screen. Prekshya has sent them from India. Stars everywhere! I am over the moon. It is no less than a miracle of creation that a collection could come into being so quickly. Thank you Prekshya!

Here’s a preview of some earrings:



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