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These last few weeks have been spent preparing for the first trade show of the year in Philadelphia. It’s all I’ve been thinking about and doing, to the neglect of everything else since I’ll be launching my new line in silver to stores. Today in New York City was no day to be out – snow, snow, rain and more snow. So this evening, after trudging about in the grey sludge that the sidewalks had become, I holed myself up in the studio to answer a question I’ve been asked innumerable times: Why Spiders?

As the signature image of my jewelry as well as one of my favorite little creatures, the Spider represents a strong female image. She is wise, clever, and creative while still delicate and graceful. She works with her hands to catch food and build shelter. Her web implies interconnection. Many people seem to misunderstand them, but ever since I was a child, they’ve held a special place in my heart.

I place a small gold spider or silver spider on many pieces of my jewelry to carry these attributes to the women that wear them. Also, I’ve always believed that people like the familiar. This is true of art as it is of music. So I hope they come to know these little creatures, and come to like them, even just a little bit!


2 thoughts on “Arachnophilia

  1. Thank you for raising my awareness of the feminine power of spiders. I have always been mystified by these creative creatures and their webs but I never understood why. I love my Anna bracelet with spider and I am hoping to add to my collection (perhaps with a spider pendant!)

    1. I love wearing Anna Ruth Henriques jewelry for its exquisite beauty as well as the feelings I have while wearing it – femininity and strength. It was interesting to read about Anna’s perspective on spiders, what they mean to her and what they represent symbolically. And what a great signature image for her jewelry because her pieces are complex, delicate and luminescent, like the spider’s web and evoke a feeling of femininity and strength.
      Anna, your writing beautifully reflects all the elements of your art: intelligence, grace, inter-connectedness and love.

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