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Hello Out There! Yesterday, I was at a jewelry conference in New York City, and, as the world would have it, I met a dynamic woman from Chicago who was actually speaking at the event (see her website She’d started a line of jewelry that was doing very well, and that seemed to be the reason she was there. However, as I spoke with her, she mentioned her real goal in life was to help people ‘design a life with intention,’ and that in the next few years, she wanted to be doing that full-time, using her blog ( I then met another designer, Carla, from Boulder, Colorado, who recognized the pendant I was wearing, and gave me generous compliments on it (see her work – – she’s incredibly talented!) Anyway, this is not about jewelry. Its about sharing those threads of connection. I realized its something I love doing, and regularly do in person. With the internet though, which was so emphasized at the conference, those connections can touch and inspire people way beyond my small scope of personal interaction. One small strand reaches another, often times shifting us onto another path. This really hit home in another way too. The designer Temple St. Clair (whom I couldn’t begin to say enough good things about, not just on her jewelry but her values and her approach to life) was a main presenter yesterday. A few years ago, her business partner and husband, Paul Engel, had taken over an hour out of his busy day to sit with a complete stranger – me – giving his advice on the business). Barely one degree of separation, immeasurable degrees of redirection. Thank you all. What they have done for me is precisely what I want to do for others – touch, influence, improve and expand. Read on!

7 thoughts on “Touching People/Influencing Others

  1. Thanks so much for mentioning me in your blog! I’m so happy to see you have started to share your journey online as well :).

    I couldn’t help but tell people all about our meeting when I came home! I am so, so thankful to have met you. I wish you the best of luck and the next time you are in Chicago, please let me know! I’ll do the same for you in NYC.

  2. I love the imagery and the idea of a simple organic thread connecting us to people outside of our immediate community – learning and growing from every interaction. I look forward to following you on your journey.

  3. Our Little Anna!

    Have always loved your work–and you only get better! Writing is pretty wonderful too! You are soaring, girl! LOVED your Laborite pendants.
    Congratulation s0 proud of you.

    A. Joanie

  4. Anna, your writing is as beautiful as your jewelry. I look forward to your thoughtful and sometines provacative postings.

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