Labradorite Series

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One of my most recent pendant series is done in a stone called Labradorite. This stone is truly magical. It ranges in hues from iridescent grays to rich blue-greens, with all sorts of dark lines and inclusions, and though it is mostly opaque, there is some translucency between the layers. It’s conjures up the oceans, mystical moods, and a bit of Merlin.

So I dove into the mysteriousness and depth of the stone and inlayed small painted amulets into each piece, combining mother of pearl and a transparent gemstone. Each painting is unique and holds a deep meaning for me. One is a spiral, a universal symbol of creation as well as the interconnectedness of us all. Two are abstract peace symbols, peace being an ideal that I hold dear. As you can see, one of the peace symbols is placed upside-down, since perfect peace has not yet been attained. Another is a subtle, layered Star of David, a salute to my Jewish heritage. Moreover, it is also the symbol of perfect balance and harmony between male and female energies, the two triangles, a Jewish Yin and Yang, if you will. The Eye of Intuition, a featured image in my 2011 collection, makes two appearances, one on a teardrop, and the other as an eye-shaped Labradorite stone.

The pendants employ a mix of oxidized sterling silver and 18k mango gold. I love mixing metals, and the effect is particularly striking with the Labradorite and colored paintings. Each pendant is hung on a long chain, which features a small gemstone as a special detail.



5 thoughts on “Labradorite Series

  1. I love how your jewelry has so many layers of meaning and intricacy. It reminds me of Jungian theory. I love labadorite and any stones that have movement because life is always in motion. This is a beautiful piece!

  2. These pieces are beautiful and mysterious – filled with promise and reflection. I look forward to “meeting” them and YOU!

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