M.I.A. – finally, hello 2013!

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I’ve been missing in action. Last year was extraordinarily busy with shows and new work. I also moved studios and am in a much larger space. Its RAW but it means that I don’t have to worry about nailing into the walls, paint on the floor, or wax shavings filling every crevice in the concrete.

I thought I’d pace myself better this year, but no… My first show of 2013 at the New York International Gift Fair. It was GREAT! While at the show, my amazing web designer, Kate McCoubrey, launched my new e-commerce site: www.annaruthhenriques.com

Meanwhile, here is a photo of the booth below:







I exhibited in the Handmade/Designer Section. Most of the makers were there, from glass blowers to milliners (hat makers) to illustrators. The German section was my favorite for its innovation. I particularly loved Soy Como Soy for its fabulously stylish, whimsical yet hard-edged hats. www.soycomosoy.de

Christiane Englsberger, the designer, and I shared stories and I purchased a flower hat that is the perfect setting for my cicada pin. I’d show you a photo but I have to wait. My new hat has been in a bag since the close of the show, thanks to a louse outbreak at my daughter’s school. Having had a few unwanted visitors the night the show closed, I am taking no chances! The good part is that my super-magnifying jewelry goggles make it easy to spot those critters, nits and all. So much so that a friend ordered a pair online for the same purpose – louse-spotting. Her daughter and mine are at school together. For the record, those are insects I DON’T like…

Now I am getting ready for the next show, The Buyers Market of American Craft, in Philadelphia. It was a good show last year. This year is looking better. I’ve simplified my booth, categorized my collections, and pared down my packing list. I’m not naturally organized but this business is forcing me to adopt better habits. Will keep you posted!

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