Short Sunday List – Similarities and Differences

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1. Mango trees vs. Apple Trees. Plant the former in a temperate climate and it will suffer. It can survive a short cold spell. Anything longer and it wilts, its bark becomes flaky, leaves turn yellow fall off. The tree becomes brittle, miserable even. One might say, ‘That’s one depressed tree.’ Apple trees in the tropics react similarly. They too just do not thrive.
Many humans are the same. Check in with a Caribbean person in a northern locale in the wintertime. Their skin is dry and drawn, as are their expressions, their life force frozen. They speak of little but the weather. A few throw plans around to go home. By contrast, my brother-in-law from Philly comes to Jamaica to visit his in-laws. Within hours of his arrival, he has wilted, soaked from sweat, as he slides further into a chair, unable to move. He is truly, deeply unhappy in the heat.

For Caribbeans, I suggest social hibernation in the winter. It’s better for friendships. Who wants a miserable person around, especially one who gripes about the weather all the time? If the three-month absence damages the relationships, better to be abandoned for sometime-ish behavior than bellyaching. For Northerners, I am not expert in the area of overheating. It is wholly unfamiliar so I can’t offer advice here.

2. Hydrogenated and Partially Hydrogenated Oils. My other sister, the organic chemist, told me that the former were perfectly fine to eat. She and I disagree on nutrition and health as my point of view is that the body cannot properly process synthetic foods of any kind, whereas she says that if chemical components are the same, there is no reason why they should not be broken down in the body and absorbed. My non-scientific background left me without a substantiated argument. The search for the answer led me to A great overall discovery. Do check it out.

3. Twenty Designers at the Global Design Show in Philadelphia this upcoming Friday to Sunday. Its a big trade show and I thought I’d share with you the other designers in my area. Some very interesting work. Most have websites or link to them from here:

As the organizers have written:
20 Fabulous Jewelry Designers from the US and abroad.
Unique jewels from silver to platinum, from chalcedony to diamonds, from demure to outrageous. All crafted by talented artisans from around the globe.
Joining the collective this year are:
• Annie Fensterstock ~ handcrafted gold jewels with a signature style
• Heather Moore ~ the leader in personalized jewels
• Anna Ruth Henriques ~ a master at mixing her illustrations & photography with fine metals and gems
• Lika Behar ~ rich gold and darkened silver designs from Turkey
• Khushboo ~ fashionable and fantastic rose-cut diamond designs in gold and sterling (US debut)
• Zaiken Jewelry ~ a globally influenced line of gold & sterling designs (US debut)
• Larisa Makhova ~ a famed Russian artist specializing in enamel jewels (US debut)

Returning from previous years:
Alishan   Alex Sepkus   Chris Ploof Janis Kerman Sugarman   Frantz Ann Cahoon Erica Molinari   Elements & Alloys   Anthony Lent Ray Griffiths   Symmetry   Margoni    Aaron Henry

This brings me to the end of the Sunday List, cut short by the preparations for the upcoming week. It’s my first time showing here. It’s also the launch to stores of my new and very different collection in Oxidized Silver. Please think positive thoughts for me.
Until next week… one love.

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