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The Spider is my signature, my symbol, my logo. That elegant little creature represents self-sufficiency, independence and creativity, quietly going about her business weaving or repairing her finely-crafted web that shelters and feeds her.

I speak for pretty much all Spiders. I love how diverse the species is. I liken them to my women friends. They come in all shapes and sizes, some seemingly fragile, others thick-skinned and fierce in appearance:


Some are meticulous and tidy, others madly chaotic:


Yet each at her core is the same, and every one is an inspiration!

Not surprisingly, one of my favorite pieces of jewelry is my web cuff.

This version is in oxidized silver with 18k gold accents set with hematite, black diamonds and rubies. I make it in other stones too. It is delicate yet edgy and very much a reminder on my wrist of my own innate spider and web-like abilities – to thrive independently in my own company and in harmony with the environment while remaining flexible and strong!

More Spider Jewelry

I also make amulets that I paint and make into jewelry. I believe anything is made with love and good intention carries right over to the receiver, whether its a lovingly prepared meal or, in this case, jewelry.

amulet |ˈamyəlit|
an ornament or small piece of jewelry thought to give protection against evil, danger, or disease.

This amulet is named ‘Resurrection.’ I made it for the person who is shedding the past, redefining her/himself, and transforming and transcending to a higher place.

This one’s called ‘to be or not to be.’ Its a darling bee who is going about her business. She knows things happen as they should, that she is not in control of anything but her daily tasks. Love follows.

This is ‘Night Becomes Her.’ She is a moth who emerges in the evening without ado. Her beauty is subtle, rich and profound. The wearer remembers this of herself.

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