‘Third Eye’ Ring

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I’m at the BMAC trade show in Philadelphia, the second show of the year. Instead of a white booth as I had at the NYGift show, this one is all black. I loved the way an all white booth allowed my work to stand out. I also felt it softened the edge that some see in my jewelry, making it more palatable, a necessary quality in a trade show! I was concerned about exhibiting the oxidized jewelry in a dark setting. Would it turn people away?

The contrast got me thinking about the duality of and within my work. The piece that came to mind most of all was the ‘Third Eye’ ring. I carved this ring to remind me to center myself, to reflect before speaking or acting, and to simply be at peace. I set a diamond in the forehead in a gold bezel, the purity and brightness of the stone symbolizing clarity and enlightenment. I made the face neither male nor female as I wanted it to represent these two aspects of oneself. I practice yoga and I also wanted to capture the serenity of savasana, that wonderful moment of tranquility and surrender.

Here it is in an antique oxidized finish.



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