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I just finished another trade show, the JA Show, at the Javits Convention Center in NY. It was GREAT! At least for me. I launched my new line, Adoré, of customizable jewelry after many months of tweaking the designs, shooting photos of them, building a site (, creating a video for the show, designing and printing postcards, business cards and line sheets.


I love making the visual stuff. I have hated standing at shows, waiting for people to come by and take an interest in the jewelry. This time though something shifted. I must have crossed some threshold of discomfort or perhaps my skin thickened or plain-and-straight confidence grew. Whatever it was, for the first time ever, I had a grand three days chatting to potential customers, telling them how the line could appeal to a wide range of customers from parents and grandparents to pet owners to newlyweds. Of course, I wore my favorite pieces! See below:

This brings me to another major factor in the show’s success. My patient, supportive husband helped set up and break down the display each day. It’s tedious job to unpack the jewelry. Moreover, it requires a fresh mind to count and repack it. Thank you, Guy!

The added bonus were my neighbors. I had on either side of me two great designers – Erica Molinari ( and Maija Neimanis (, both of whom have been in the business a good while and were generous with their advice. As were their associates. Thank you Erica and Maija, and Felicia and Jill!

Then there was the heartache. I got a special order for a pendant of a young woman, only sixteen years old, who’d died the week before on a hiking trip. The pendant was a gift for her mother. When I received the young woman’s photo via email link, my heart broke for her family, for all who knew her. Rest in peace, Ellie. May you be remembered always with love…

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